How Cisco Meraki Simplifies IT Management Through Cloud Networking

How Cisco Meraki Simplifies IT Management Through Cloud Networking
September 19, 2023

Information Technology (IT) is part of nearly every industry today. Corporate, manufacturing, industrial, pharmaceutical, finance and banking, and even sports use various IT systems to operate smoothly and efficiently. For all the advancements in information technology, many organizations fall into the trap of siloing and using multiple systems and dashboards to keep their business running. 

Cisco Meraki aims to simplify all that by streamlining tools, apps, and technologies for provisioning devices, monitoring alerts, managing permissions, managing policy, etc., through cloud networking. Instead of switching from one tool to another to perform individual tasks, Meraki brings all of them together into one dashboard where one administrator can complete tasks that used to take multiple tools and a team of technicians with just a few clicks.

Here are four ways Cisco Meraki simplifies IT management with the help of cloud networking solutions.

Enables Remote Cloud Networking 

Remote working isn’t new, but the global pandemic has drastically changed the work landscape across industries. Companies learned they could conduct business with a hybrid or fully remote setup. At the same time, employees enjoyed the benefits of flexible work, making remote work preferable over a strict on-site work setup. 

With Cisco Meraki cloud networking, companies can support a full-time remote or hybrid workforce – including IT teams. Meraki provides technology enabling IT specialists to remotely monitor and manage network settings or even open new access locations, whether at the office or in the comfort of their homes. 

For example, companies can issue Meraki’s Z3 teleworker gateways to remote workers, giving them secure access to the company network and providing cellular backup. IT teams can also monitor users from all over the country and manage traffic with Meraki Auto VPN. If bandwidth is limited, IT can ensure business-critical processes can continue by prioritizing vital applications over others. Finally, IT teams can monitor every device connecting to the secure network and troubleshoot remote worker issues with the Meraki Systems Manager.

All this remote work is possible with Cisco Meraki’s reliable and comprehensive cloud networking solutions.

Cost-Savings and Efficiency for Cloud-First Networks

IT personnel being given the tools and capabilities to manage cloud networks remotely leads to another advantage: automation. When an organization fully embraces cloud networking, it becomes cloud-first. 

A cloud-first network is mostly cloud-based and can maximize the functionalities and benefits of cloud networking. Cloud-first networking is ideally a goal that organizations should work towards. It is understandable when businesses migrate parts of their network infrastructure bit by bit into the Meraki system. However, some may still choose the familiarity of their legacy networks and on-site data centers. They only migrate parts of their processes to the cloud, missing out on the efficiencies a fully cloud-based network can bring to their business. 

For global organizations with networks in different locations that are not cloud-first, a large, distributed team of IT specialists is necessary to keep all networks in sync and uphold the same performance and efficiency standards. The less cloud-based the networks are, the more on-site staff are required. Some organizations keep distributed teams small but have their senior IT specialists travel from one location to another, wherever and whenever needed. This set-up costs organizations a lot in travel expenses and work hours that could have been better utilized.

With a cloud-first network, organizations will need fewer IT staff and require less travel for their core IT teams. Monitoring network health, enrolling new users, calibrating new devices, etc., can all be done remotely via the Meraki Dashboard. IT staff can implement these tasks in minutes without wasting company resources and work hours traveling across the country or abroad.

Fast Deployment of Cloud Network Security Protocols

Cisco Meraki has impressive built-in security for all its devices that communicate through the cloud. Meraki has a proprietary, lightweight, encrypted tunnel that uses AES256 encryption. While data is in transit through the encryption tunnel, Meraki uses HTTPS and protocol buffers, which are always in motion even if the devices aren’t actively managed. 

All data that passes through Cisco Meraki devices and servers are encrypted through this secure tunnel. Data backups on Meraki cloud servers are also fully encrypted. Building a network on Meraki technology simplifies cloud network security by covering all endpoints and users from the get-go. Organizations can further enhance security by integrating Meraki MX firewalls into their networks.

Real-Time Monitoring of Cloud Security Camera Feeds

On-site physical security is just as important (and in some cases more so) as network security, and surveillance cameras play a vital role. 

Cisco Meraki has a line of high-tech, smart cameras with impressive features such as limitless recording, built-in cache with cloud storage backup, heat mapping, and high-tech sensors with machine-learning capabilities to help surveillance staff sort through hours of security footage and raise alarms when threats are identified. 

These intelligent, AI-powered cameras greatly help on-site security personnel monitor live feeds. Human security is prone to errors, and Meraki cloud security camera surveillance can fill the gaps to ensure 24/7 on-site security. 

Reach Greater Heights in Business with Meraki Cloud Networking Solutions

Given Cisco Meraki networks’ scalability, centralized management, remote access, and reliable built-in security, businesses have much to gain by utilizing its technologies to build IT infrastructure and meet networking needs. Organizations worldwide have attested to improved efficiency and network security soon after integrating Meraki cloud networking solutions into their business. 

You can also experience the benefits of simplifying IT management through Cisco Meraki technology. But first, consult Stratus Information Systems to transition your company into cloud networking. We are an authorized Meraki Partner and can provide information and assistance in every aspect, especially deployment. 

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