Meraki Switches: Edge, Stackable Access, And Aggregation

Lifetime Warranty
All switches come with a limited lifetime hardware warranty.
Next-Day Advance Replacement
Should you need replacement hardware, you’ll receive it almost immediately.
Simplified Software and Support License Model
All software upgrades, centralized systems management, and user support are easily found in a single place.
Intelligent Campus and Branch Switching
Managing network infrastructure is easier than ever with built-in capabilities, while Meraki’s Virtual Stacking rids the need for configuration scripts and commands.
Customizable Multiple Policies
Either apply them at port-level or across the board in just a few clicks.
Security Reporting
Proactively and comprehensively discover rogue DHCP servers and other malicious activity.
Shortened Time-to-Resolution
Remote cable testing and packet captures monitor network interconnectivity, troubleshoot network issues, and send alerts when necessary.
StackPower and Improved Physical Stacking
Power pool with faster-stack convergence from each PSU to provide additional redundancy and cost savings.
Industry-Leading Cloud Management Architecture
Manage thousands of ports with zero-touch switch provisioning to streamline configuration before switches even arrive on site.
Integrated Layer 7 Fingerprinting
Administrators can easily identify and control individual users and devices with unprecedented visibility of network resources and optimal network performance.
Beyond-the-Network Software Architecture
A common operating system allows a consistent experience across all Meraki product lines, ensuring up-to-date bug fixes, security updates, and new features.

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Chime Bank:  “Working with Stratus for our fulfillment has been an absolute dream. When left in a last minute bind, I was able to procure a piece of hardware overnight, keeping us on schedule.”

– Adam Burde

Tubi TV: “In a high-bandwidth, high-density network environment you need solutions that are reliable and easy to manage. Stratus helped deliver and continues to deliver cost effective, high performing, network solutions that endlessly scales with our company”

– Ryan Hyde