What Is a Cloud Solution for Managing Networks?

Cloud computing
May 11, 2022

The term “cloud solution” uses many names, including cloud services or cloud computing. Generally speaking, a cloud solution is any resource that can be accessed on-demand over the internet—for example, Google Docs or online storage.

But knowing what a cloud solution is when referring to managing networks involves another meaning. In this context, a cloud solution is an integrated platform that brings together remote network, security, analytics, and management capabilities into one easy-to-use dashboard. This allows work to be done from anywhere in the world. Productivity across the board goes up while inefficiencies at every level go down. Cloud networking is a win for everyone involved.

Examples of Cloud Solutions for Networks

Cisco Meraki has plenty of cloud solution examples. Let’s review.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): This cloud solution is the answer to remote and on-the-go work, BYOD policies, and flexible collaboration. It removes the burden of manual enforcement of security and compliance requirements from your lengthy daily task list.
  • Wireless Access Points (WAP): This cloud solution is the control you crave. It allows you to quickly identify troubling patterns and problematic clients so mitigation procedures can begin before it’s too late.
  • Switches: Cloud-based switches make it incredibly easy to administer and scale with the zero-touch provisioning of thousands of ports at once. Feel the power!
  • Firewalls: As with switches, using cloud-based firewalls successfully sets up multiple sites with self-provisioning deployments. 
  • Cameras: The cloud allows you to access and manage your physical security system with unprecedented ease while still granting granular control. No servers or software are required.

Cloud-Managed Network vs. Traditional Command Line Interface

In place of the traditional command-line interface for network configuration, a cloud-managed network provides a web-based dashboard that controls tens of thousands of devices anywhere in the world. 

Additionally, a Cisco Meraki cloud solution enables the horizontal scalability of networks to add more endpoints without concern for bottlenecks, chokepoints, or compromised end-user functionality.  

With Cisco Meraki, every cloud-based device is engineered with:

  • Memory and CPU resources for packet processing
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Layer 7 security
  • High-end encryption

When compared to a traditional command-line interface that processes local commands via lines of text typed at a command prompt, well—there is no comparison.

How Cloud Networks Give Better Real-Time Visibility

Cisco Meraki’s cloud solutions for networks give powerful insight and unified, real-time visibility over an entire network. Visibility features include:

  • Live tools integrated into a single-view dashboard
  • Instant performance analysis
  • Real-time connectivity
  • Deep view of all devices, users, and applications

Like Geordi, having greatly enhanced visibility gives you the honor of being an integral crew member and an indispensable asset to your organization’s fleet.

How Cloud Networks Allow Remote Troubleshooting

Remote troubleshooting is a game-changer that cloud solutions supply. Integrated network tools include:

  • Ping
  • Traceroute
  • Throughput
  • Live packet captures

Why does remote troubleshooting change the game? Because it dramatically reduces resolution times by enabling you to solve problems across your entire network without leaving your command chair—that’s why.

How Cloud Solutions Evolve with Constant Updates

Another incredible thing is that cloud solutions never fall stagnant. Constant innovation is rolling out with automatic updates taking care of the work for you. You’ll never fall behind on networking, app and workload management, or security. 

  • On-premise and public clouds securely extend and connect to ensure a consistent experience.
  • Applications deploy, manage, and optimize in multi-cloud environments.
  • Identities, direct-to-cloud connectivity, data, and applications remain protected.
  • Continuity of operations accelerates and delivers the future of work.

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