A Simplified System and User-Friendly Application

With Meraki MDM, each mobile device can be controlled remotely via a single, simple-to-use dashboard, giving you the control you’ve never had before but have always deserved.

Meraki MDM main features include the ability to remotely:


  • Migrate mobile devices from an old system with step-by-step prompts for users to follow
  • Define and deploy network settings (wireless connectivity, remote VPN access, etc.)
  • Control usage (time limits, use of camera, in-app purchases, etc.)
  • Access client information (hardware/software data, recent locations, etc.)
  • Enforce customized security policies
  • Lock and erase thousands of devices
  • Monitor certificate provisioning and API health
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot administration and devices
  • Support BYOD initiatives without additional appliances, licenses, or configuration
  • Specify how long contract worker devices have access to corporate assets
  • Allow secure guest Wi-Fi access
The Benefits of Meraki Mobile Device Management

Meraki has simplified mobility so you can get back what matters most—your time. Provision settings and restrictions with power. Manage inventory and device tracking wherever they may roam. Remote wipe with a finger swipe. Live troubleshoot without sacrificing your weekends.

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Chime Bank:  “Working with Stratus for our fulfillment has been an absolute dream. When left in a last minute bind, I was able to procure a piece of hardware overnight, keeping us on schedule.”

– Adam Burde

Tubi TV: “In a high-bandwidth, high-density network environment you need solutions that are reliable and easy to manage. Stratus helped deliver and continues to deliver cost effective, high performing, network solutions that endlessly scales with our company”

– Ryan Hyde