Why Meraki Is the Best Cloud-Based Network Management Solution

November 21, 2019

As companies’ connectivity needs grow — with more devices, cloud environments, bandwidth-heavy applications and more — managing a network in the cloud allows businesses to easily scale and optimize their network. But not all network management solutions have the same capabilities.

Cisco Meraki stands out as the best cloud-based network management solution due to its combination of cutting-edge devices and powerful, easy-to-manage software. The Cisco Meraki suite provides businesses a simple, efficient way to configure and oversee their networks securely, with the ability to scale as their connectivity needs change.

Centralized Oversight and Analysis

One of the top reasons why Meraki is the best cloud-based network solution is because administrators can easily oversee their end-to-end network infrastructure through the Meraki dashboard. Within this platform, you can remotely make changes, configurations, or troubleshoot issues across multiple devices and locations. As you add Meraki devices, ranging from security cameras to access points, you can seamlessly configure them with one-touch provisioning all from the dashboard.

To get the most out of the dashboard, businesses should take advantage of the full range of the Meraki suite, including Insight. When paired with a collector like a Meraki MX firewall, Insight provides in-depth reporting and network management tools across your Meraki ecosystem. With Insight, IT administrators can monitor performance to provide a better user experience and tackle troubleshooting issues faster.

Similarly, Meraki System Manager is a robust and easy to use Mobile Device Management solution that integrates with your Meraki network.  It provides administrators with visibility and control over all endpoint devices, allowing them to enforce security policies, track lost or compromised devices, manage employee onboarding, and even user management controls by integrating with authentication tools.

A Wide Range of Cutting-Edge Devices

In addition to being easy to manage, Meraki also offers a wide range of products with cutting-edge technology that you can mix and match to suit your needs.

For example, Meraki’s new MR45 and MR55 access points are WiFi 6 compatible, which means, among other benefits, that these access points can accommodate faster speeds, particularly in dense environments. Other Meraki devices such as security cameras also include top-quality technology, not only in terms of video recording capabilities, but also provide insights like customer traffic volume at different times of the day.

All of these devices can work together to provide your business with a fast, secure, reliable network that’s easy to manage and scale.

See Which Devices Can Take Your Network to the Next Level

Stratus can help design, consult and deploy a Cisco Meraki network solution that is tailored specifically to your organization’s needs and budget. Learn more about Meraki products in our comparison guides or reach out to us directly for a quote so we can take steps to simplify your network together.