What to Expect from New Meraki Products in 2024

January 9, 2024

Cisco Meraki has maintained its status as the world’s leading networking vendor in 2023. The company made many significant moves in the past 12 months, including acquiring Splunk Inc. for $28 billion. However, even before the year ended, the company had launched new Meraki products and features that current and new customers will reap the benefits of in 2024.

New Meraki Products to Explore in 2024

Cisco’s purchase of Splunk indicates the company’s increasing focus on cybersecurity, but it’s hardly the company’s first step in this direction. From hiring executives specializing in cybersecurity to revamping its portfolio of network security products, Cisco Meraki has invested a lot to continue studying and innovating network security.  

Unified Cisco SASE on the Meraki Platform

Cisco continued to roll out its original product and service lines after it acquired Meraki. It offers secure access service edge (SASE) solutions and Catalyst, its branded portfolio of network switches. Unfortunately, Cisco’s SASE lacked centralization. It became complicated and inconvenient to manage its products on different platforms. 

Cisco gained powerful networking technologies and designs when it merged with Meraki. However, it wasn’t until August 2023 that Cisco officially unified its security products by rolling their management over to the Meraki console. The company also consolidated its products and services into two categories: Security Cloud and Networking Cloud. 

Integrating SASE solutions into Meraki, a platform created to manage devices at scale, allows customers to unify security and networking and manage them from one place. 

If your business uses legacy security and networking infrastructure by Cisco, adopting this latest version that unifies SASE management can bring huge operational benefits. We highly recommend consulting a Meraki partner on buying Cisco products and utilizing the Security Cloud and Networking Cloud in 2024.

New Security Suites on Cisco Security Cloud

To further enhance customer experience with Security Cloud, Cisco revamped its security portfolio into three suites for easier management and optimal application.

  • Breach Protection – Cisco Meraki products offering breach protection use data and AI to enhance threat detection and streamline security operations. These products give businesses unified visibility and control across networks, endpoints, the cloud, and emails. Breach protection can protect organizations against more sophisticated threats like ransomware, data exfiltration, and insider threats.
  • User Protection – These products enable members of an organization to work securely from anywhere, which is perfect for remote work. They ensure seamless security and access to SaaS applications, communication tools, and other business-critical resources through their private network. User protection also gives IT teams better visibility, control, and ability to ensure operational efficiency.  
  • Cloud Protection – Organizations use the cloud to simplify access to on-premises data centers and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers, whether from within the office premises or remotely. Cisco’s Cloud Protection offers security against external attacks and ensures users can maximize the cloud safely and efficiently. 

With these three suites, clients can better understand what Cisco security products can do. They can make better decisions as to which solutions to adopt for their organization and create a strategy wherein their choices fit together and offer maximum benefits. 

Turbocharged Switches: Catalyst 9300-M

Among the Meraki new products launched this year, the offering designed to improve on-site and online customer experience is the Catalyst 9300-M. These switches were designed for large campuses and on-premises networks and launched during the last quarter of 2023. 

Besides efficient switching, the cloud-managed Catalyst 9300-M switches offer robust network protection and privacy at scale. They can support devices that consume a lot of bandwidth, like next-gen Wi-Fi 6E gadgets and smart kiosks, by using Universal Power over Ethernet (UPoE) and centralizing power and network management. They also have a Port Schedule feature, which allows users to switch ports on and off during hours when they’re not in use. For example, IT can schedule to turn off power and Internet to LED screens inside shopping malls or underground trains after operating hours. 

The Catalyst 9300-M switches “turbocharges” employee experience in two ways. First, by powering smart building features that ensure safe and comfortable physical environments for employees. Second, by providing a seamless connection to cloud-based and network-served databases, applications, and other resources necessary to serve customers. 

If you’re in retail or run large facilities, these Meraki new products are worth looking into. Your trusted Meraki partner should be able to provide more information about the Catalyst 9300-M switches. 

Ruggedized Switches: MS130R

Meraki steps up with its cloud-managed PoE switches with this “ruggedized” version designed for outdoor use. 

The MS130R is built to withstand extreme hot and cold weather and tight physical environments. It ensures uninterrupted power supply and connectivity whether the temperature drops to -40 °F or spikes to 158 °F. With their durable materials and sturdy construction, the MS130R switches are ideal for skiing resorts, outdoor pop-up events, drive-through intercom systems, store signages, outdoor security cameras, and other devices exposed to intense heat in summer or snow in winter. Consider these switches if you want to upgrade to new Meraki products in 2024. 

How To Buy Cisco Products with a Certified Meraki Partner

Customers look forward to the high quality and performance that Cisco Meraki offers. However, in order to get the most out of Cisco Meraki’s new products, customers can leverage insights from Meraki product specialists and certified partners like Stratus Information Systems. 

We are a Cisco Meraki channel partner with years of experience designing, implementing, and installing cloud network infrastructure for businesses nationwide. We have worked on over 250 network design projects for a diverse clientele, serving commercial businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, tech companies, retailers, and more.

Our specialists will guide you through the design, implementation, and how to buy Cisco products from legitimate suppliers. More importantly, we’ll strategize to harness Cisco Meraki’s capabilities to boost security, efficiency, and performance for your entire organization. 

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