Securing Your Network with Cisco Meraki’s Unified Threat Management

network security
October 17, 2023

The digital age has brought so many benefits, but with them came the constant threat of hacking and other cybercrimes. To ensure your business and organization members are protected from data thieves, you must take a more proactive approach to your network security.

Cisco Meraki’s network firewall security is one of the best in the market. Used by small and large organizations and various industries, the Meraki cloud network security is proven reliable and capable of detecting and blocking potential threats to your cloud network security.


A Powerful Network Security Solution

Cisco Meraki is known for its robust cloud networking solutions. One of its best features is its powerful Unified Threat Management (UTM), an all-in-one security solution that provides comprehensive protection and simplifies network security management. Users can access and manage multiple security features through a single, centralized dashboard.

Here are the main features of the Cisco Meraki UTM:

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) – Cisco Meraki offers the world’s largest IDS and IPS engines developed and powered by Cisco Talos, one of the world’s biggest and most prominent commercial threat intelligence teams today. This gives the Meraki UTM access to an industry-leading database of over 40,000 threat signatures. If any breaching attempt is made on your network, the UTM has a high chance of detecting, identifying, and blocking that network security threat. Cisco Meraki’s UTM simplifies IDS and IPS configurations. They are native to Cisco Meraki MX devices, so no manual downloads or installations are required. Any new signatures added to the database are automatically integrated into every Meraki MX appliance.

Firewall – UTM is integrated into Cisco Meraki MX devices, the company’s multifunctional security and SD-WAN product line. You’ll also be getting enhanced firewall benefits, primarily umbrella protection against unauthorized access and threats to your network.

Malware Protection – Malware is continuously and rapidly evolving. Fortunately, the Cisco Meraki UTM, with the support of Cisco Talos, stays ahead of network security threat trends and protects your network from breaches and data theft. 

Malware steals sensitive information stored in computers and the cloud undetected. Cisco Meraki provides best-in-class protection with its powerful detection, rapid response, and simplified security with the UTM. For instance, it automatically analyzes unknown files against over 800 behavioral indicators to determine if it is a threat. 

  1. Content Filtering – One way to ensure network security is to prevent users from accessing any website that doesn’t pass the organization’s standards for safety. Administrators can centrally configure content filtering settings and block access to websites that lack the required security certificates, for example, or trips the UTM’s security red flags. 
  2. Site-to-Site Auto VPN – To further protect communications between networks on different sites, UTM provides site-to-site IPSec VPN that simplifies branch-to-branch cloud network security. With just a few clicks, you can quickly build VPN tunnels between Meraki MX devices located in the same or different locations. 
  3. Traffic Shaping – As expected of any Cisco Meraki product, you can monitor and allocate bandwidth efficiently to ensure optimal network performance. More than that, traffic shaping can also help protect networks against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. It detects abusive users so you may regulate their bandwidth allocation and protects your applications and network from massive traffic spikes that might cause downtime. 


Enjoy Superior Network Security and Conveniences with Cisco Meraki UTM

Ensuring network security isn’t a one-time job but an ongoing process. Having experienced and trained IT security engineers benefits every organization. However, not all can afford to maintain such high credentials in-house staff. 

Cisco Meraki network firewall devices are all the more desirable because of this. They are flexible, remotely managed, offer zero-touch provisioning, easily scalable, cost-effective, and more. Most importantly, UTM offers real-time network threat detection and prevention. With Cisco Talos behind its technology and databases, its ability to detect and block threats is unquestionable. 

No matter your industry or the size of your business organization, threats will always be on the fringes, waiting for vulnerabilities they can exploit to your company’s detriment. With Cisco Meraki MX systems being a proven solution for cyber threat prevention and reducing the risks of security breaches and data loss, it is a top choice for any company seeking to fortify its network security.

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