What Can Meraki MDM Monitor?

Man using mobile device
August 31, 2022

Does your organization provide devices for your employees or allow them to bring their own to work? If the answer is yes, then you know the struggle that comes with managing corporate devices manually. 

Many corporations will recognize this constant headache all too well. Your IT department is always provisioning and configuring devices, managing employee data, monitoring for potential threats, and more. 

We’re here to show you a better way. 

The Cisco Meraki MDM (mobile device manager) is a best-in-class device boasting smart enrollment options, a suite of MDM tools, and ongoing support for operating systems. The Meraki MDM works for mobile devices and desktops alike.

A common question for those considering making this device a part of their company is: what can Meraki MDM monitor? Let’s dive into that question and more.

What is Meraki MDM Used For?

Because mobile devices are crucial to your company’s strategy, using supporting hardware to monitor them allows you to maximize your usage. A Mobile Device Management (MDM) device can give you that. The software is installed on each device you provide in your organization, allowing your IT department to monitor permissions, direct user access, trace device locations, oversee app installations, and more. 

A Cisco Meraki MDM could be a high-performing member of your internal security team for forward-thinking organizations.

What Are the Features of Meraki MDM?

If your organization is on the fence about providing mobile devices for your employees, a Meraki MDM may change your mind. The Meraki MDM aims to ensure all devices in your organization are running optimally, safely, and securely. This device is a fully realized addition to your security team and makes providing company devices easy, simple, and secure.

If you’re asking yourself, what is the Meraki MDM used for? Here are some of the key features:

  • Customizable security policies
  • Certificate-based enrollment
  • Encryption management
  • Provisioning tools
  • Location tracking for mobile devices
  • Security for your organization
  • Encryption enforcement for devices and data
  • Management of device settings, apps, and content
  • Profile configuration
  • Third-party cloud app blocking
  • BYOD support
  • Remote management of devices and users

This is a capable, industry-leading device that can transform an integral part of your company. Configuring your Meraki MDM is a simple process; from there, it’s smooth sailing.

What Does Meraki MDM Track?

The primary purpose of the Meraki MDM is to make provisioning and enrolling new devices easier, configure devices, manage settings and data, and more. The software can also track the device’s location, downloaded apps, current battery charge, encryption status, and other useful information, including statuses of updates and remaining storage. 

The Cisco Meraki MDM is an industry standard in performance and security coverage. If you’re wondering how it can fit into your organization, reach out to Stratus Information Systems and let our experienced team guide you through the process. We’ll help you figure out how much value a Meraki MDM could add to your business. 

Can Meraki MDM Track My Location?

Yes, the Meraki MDM features best-in-class location tracking. For mobile devices specifically, you’ll want to know where all of your company’s devices are located in the world. This includes laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. 

If you’re an employee wondering if your company-provided mobile device is trackable, the answer is yes. If your company is using Meraki MDM, all enrolled and active devices are trackable.

Contact Stratus Information Systems to Optimize Your Internal Security

Managing your organization’s mobile devices with Cisco Meraki gives you more control, insight, and security than ever. The Meraki MDM allows you to manage wireless devices as though they were standard workstations, even if they’re not close to the office. Rather than spend another minute trying to manually provision and configure devices, allow Cisco Meraki to keep all of your data safe.

If you’re ready to learn more about the solutions that Cisco Meraki can offer your company, contact Stratus Information Systems today. We’re a leading authority on Cisco Meraki devices and can guide you through the entire process.