Understanding the Security Features of Cisco Meraki

January 18, 2024

Cisco Meraki is a globally trusted name for cloud-based networking and security solutions. Commercial businesses, organizations, corporations, government offices, school campuses, medical facilities, industrial facilities – whatever the industry, you name it. There will be a company from that industry that uses Cisco Meraki. 

Why do customers worldwide trust Cisco Meraki for business and personal use? Among the top reasons are its industry-leading firewalls and network/cloud security appliances, switching devices, and smart security cameras.  

Read on to understand the security features Cisco Meraki products offer. 

Out-of-the-Box Meraki Advanced Security Features

Cisco prioritizes security. Hence, customers enjoy reliable Meraki security features when they purchase appliances and use its cloud-based networking platforms. Cisco Meraki complies with the leading security standards and regulations, such as Data Center ISO 27001, Data Center SOC 2 Type 2, FIPS, and PCI DSS. 

Meraki security features ultimately eclipse the competition as each appliance offers a degree of security, and putting them all together gives you a more comprehensive blanket of cybersecurity that can withstand today’s more sophisticated online threats. 

Here are some of the basic security features Meraki offers:

  • 24/7 automated intrusion detection
  • two-factor authentication
  • IP and port-based firewalls
  • Remote access control with strict identification requirements (i.e., IP addresses and RSA public keys)
  • Data encryption 

Cisco Meraki provides a seamless, harmonious network of devices that can communicate and work efficiently with one another. Additionally, it doesn’t have access to customer data. The only information Meraki receives and interacts with is telemetry data, which is back-end data that makes networks work. If your business handles sensitive customer information or confidential corporate data, rest assured that Cisco Meraki won’t see even a page of that data. Even telemetry data transmission is encrypted, so you have absolute control over access to vital business information.

Comprehensive Meraki MX Security Features

The MX series firewalls feature cloud-managed, multifunctional, all-in-one security appliances and SD-WAN devices. They have many capabilities and use cases, from providing stable Internet for in-store POS and free WiFi for customers to running physical security in a massive campus with multiple buildings. Meraki MX uses advanced analytics and machine learning to ensure connectivity and high quality of experience (QoE) for employees or customers who use applications hosted on a facility’s secure network.

Meraki MX security devices are 100% cloud-managed, allowing zero-touch installation, provisioning, and troubleshooting. A virtual version, the vMX, makes scaling and remote management easier. More importantly, MX devices are natively integrated with comprehensive Meraki security features:

  • Content and Web-search filtering
  • Application-based firewalling
  • SNORT®-based intrusion detection and prevention
  • Auto VPN and Client VPN 
  • 24/7 support
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)

The MX security devices make unified threat management (UTM) possible and easy. They are self-provisioning, meaning they automatically pull presets and configuration settings from the cloud. Any business that values round-the-clock network security and wishes to avoid security downtimes will benefit from Cisco Meraki MX.

Meraki Advanced Security License Features

All Meraki products require licenses to operate. For MX firewalls, customers can choose between Enterprise and Advanced Security.

An Enterprise license offers all the base functionality of the MX portfolio, which includes Layer 7 firewall, site-to-site VPN, client VPN, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), web caching (only for MX84 and up), branch routing, and more. 

The Meraki Advanced Security license features more security benefits. It includes all of the Enterprise license features plus the following:

  • Google SafeSearch
  • YouTube EDU
  • URL content filtering
  • Intrusion prevention
  • AMP with Threat Grid support
  • Layer 7 Geo-IP Firewall Rules

We recommend consulting your trusted Meraki partner on how MX Advanced Security license features can impact your business to get the most out of the Meraki MX series. 

Cisco Meraki MV Security Cameras and AI

Let’s talk about physical, on-premises security. The Cisco Meraki MV line of security cameras are some of the industry’s best indoor and outdoor networked surveillance cameras. They are widely used in commercial establishments, corporate offices, schools, banks, public places, etc.

The Cisco Meraki MV security cameras are easy to install and deploy. As with all Meraki appliances, they are cloud-managed and centralized via the Meraki Dashboard. Three generations of these high-performance security cameras are now available to mix and match according to every customer’s needs.

Besides the obvious benefit of deterrence (security cameras have been proven effective at reducing attempts to burglarize, vandalize, forcibly enter, or trespass on a property), Meraki’s smart cameras offer a more proactive approach to on-premises security through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology.

  • Advanced analytics like motion detection, motion recap, and motion heatmaps
  • Intelligent motion indexing
  • Historical person tracking

With these features, Meraki’s third-generation security cameras play a more active role in ensuring on-premises security. They can detect irregularities in people’s daily routines, for example, and notify designated users about these potential security issues. These Meraki MV cameras can also catch the slightest motions, analyze the feed, and determine if it is a possible threat or not (i.e., a bird flying past the camera).  

Other features of the Meraki MV second-generation and third-generation cameras include:

  • HDR recording
  • On-premises or remote live streaming
  • Infrared (IR) illumination for low-light conditions and in the evening
  • Motion-based alerts
  • Secure video access for role-based user accounts
  • Wired and wireless deployment 
  • Customizable recording and retention settings
  • Full disk, AES-256 encryption

Meraki has provided customers with reliable physical security devices by integrating intelligent tools with superb lenses that capture clear, crisp videos and 4k live feeds. Talk to a certified Meraki partner about updating your on-premises security to protect your home or business.

Consult Your Meraki Partner on How to Buy Cisco Products

Finding a knowledgeable Meraki Partner and authorized reseller of Cisco Meraki is crucial to experiencing the full benefits and protection of a Meraki ecosystem. Whether you wish to ramp up security on private property or boost cybersecurity and on-premises surveillance systems for your business, a seasoned Meraki consultant can show you how to optimize Meraki’s security products and services to achieve your goals. 

Our specialists at Stratus Information Systems can help. We are a certified Meraki channel partner and reseller helping businesses in various areas of their operations, from improving efficiencies to ensuring network security. We offer knowledge, the latest Cisco Meraki products, and customized solutions that accommodate your needs and budget.

Discover how to buy Cisco products with Stratus Information Systems. Contact us today.