The Most Intuitive Network Connection Solution

Centralized Network Management
Manage all devices from one user-friendly dashboard
Powerful Ethernet
Allow up to 5 Gbps of traffic over a single cable
User Analytics
Pull reports on user data, including visitor capture rate, visit time, and repeat visits
View all apps in use and prioritize mission-critical traffic.
Rely on high performance even in dense, demanding environments
Automatic RF Optimization
Optimize WiFi automatically with intelligent usage monitoring
Dedicated Security Radio
Keep the network secure with built-in threat detection
Identity-Based Firewall
Automatically enforce traffic rules through user-based policies

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How to Use Content Filtering on Meraki MX Devices?

How to Use Content Filtering on Meraki MX Devices?

Content filtering is a critical aspect of network security that helps organizations manage and control the type of content accessible through their networks. With the rise of online threats and inappropriate web content, having robust content filtering solutions is...

Meraki vs. Meraki Go: What Is the Difference?

Meraki vs. Meraki Go: What Is the Difference?

Reliable and secure wireless networks are crucial for businesses of all sizes. A strong network ensures smooth operations, enhances productivity, and supports the increasing number of connected devices in the workplace. It also enables seamless communication and...

Switch vs. Router vs. Hub: What Is the Difference?

Switch vs. Router vs. Hub: What Is the Difference?

Nowadays, networking devices are more important than ever. They ensure seamless data transfer between different network segments and help businesses and individuals stay connected. Without these devices, achieving high-speed internet connections and efficient network...


Chime Bank:  “Working with Stratus for our fulfillment has been an absolute dream. When left in a last minute bind, I was able to procure a piece of hardware overnight, keeping us on schedule.”

– Adam Burde

Tubi TV: “In a high-bandwidth, high-density network environment you need solutions that are reliable and easy to manage. Stratus helped deliver and continues to deliver cost effective, high performing, network solutions that endlessly scales with our company”

– Ryan Hyde