Cisco Meraki Mv Cameras

Indoor and Outdoor Meraki Cameras for Surveillance

Indoor Meraki cameras are both unobtrusive and unintrusive—like Jason Bourne. They’re designed to conceal where the lens is pointing, work well in low light environments, and automatically adjust exposure in changing light conditions. It’s easy to keep surveillance low-key when you have a Cisco camera on strategic locations in your building.

Indoor network surveillance cameras
  • Track customer traffic patterns for adjusting natural paths and product stocking.
  • Monitor employee productivity trends.
  • Improve workplace safety by providing insight on hazards and incidents.
  • Deter crimes like vandalism, trespassing, theft, harassment, and violence.
  • Settle disputes among employees or between a customer and service staff.
  • Gather evidence when dealing with a legal issue.
Tech Specs
  • 128GB or 256GB integrated high-endurance solid-state storage
  • 1080p standard or high-definition video recording
  • 114- to 180-degree horizontal field of view
  • Microphone for audio recording
  • 3-9 mm varifocal lens
Exterior network surveillance cameras
  • Monitor customer and staff whereabouts.
  • Improve safety for employees and customers.
  • Discourage crime from taking place, including trespassing, vandalism, and burglary.
  • Provide proof of business compliance to avoid legal claims.
  • Aid law enforcement as an investigative tool.
Tech Specs
  • 256 GB solid-state storage
  • 1080p high-definition video recording
  • H.264 encoding
  • Microphone for audio recording
  • Multipurpose varifocal lens
  • IK10+ impact resistance
  • IP67 weather resistance

Outdoor Meraki cameras are heavy, durable, and can withstand various environmental issues like constantly shifting weather, changing light conditions, and tampering.

The video quality of a Meraki camera is also top-notch. All Meraki MV cameras capture video footage at 1080p, which captures a lot of detail and is high-quality but still easy to stream and review on a desktop or mobile device (higher resolutions require more processing power). 

We don’t have to tell you about Cisco Meraki’s interstellar reputation—you’ve heard it all before. The (out-of-this) world-class products they offer are only met by your eagerness to experience them.

The Cisco Meraki MV cameras have revolutionized the security camera and video analytics world. Above-and-beyond analytical insights are made possible (and quick) through computer vision and machine learning technologies. Every Cisco camera system is supported by an industry-leading onboard processor and customizable video storage plans.

The Meraki cloud dashboard allows for secure management and monitoring from anywhere in the world and grants granular control over who sees what footage. No servers or software is needed as the Cisco cameras are compatible with MV Sense licenses.

Other features of Meraki MV cameras include:

  • Scheduled recording
  • Ongoing recording with high-capacity edge storage
  • Immersive imaging
  • Intelligent object detection
  • Motion-based recording
  • Motion-based retention
  • Motion heat mapping and search
  • Granular controls and analytics
  • Automatic network detection
  • Efficient bandwidth usage
  • Automatic encryption
  • Cloud storage and management options
  • Continual and automatic firmware updates

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