Understanding the Benefits of Cisco Meraki for Your Business Network

September 8, 2023

The benefits of Meraki solutions are widely known in IT and industries that rely heavily on digital infrastructure and networking solutions to deliver products and services. Whether you’re just learning what is Cisco Meraki used for or have already heard about it but hesitated for any reason, this is your opportunity to understand the benefits of Meraki systems for businesses.  

What Is Cisco Meraki Used For?

Let’s get to the point: here is a list of what businesses can accomplish using infrastructure and cloud services offered by Cisco Meraki:

  1. Build a robust, cloud-supported, wireless network that employees and administrators can access remotely.
  2. Manage and monitor thousands of devices from one or more locations (centralized network management).
  3. Manage and monitor wireless networks from a single platform accessible on desktop and mobile devices.
  4. Implement and deploy cloud-managed services, including firewalls and security protocols quickly.
  5. Implement and manage network access permissions according to roles, security clearances, and other criteria.
  6. Streamline network operations across multiple sites.
  7. Enhance WiFi experience for employees and guests.
  8. Enable employees to continue working remotely from home.
  9. Scale networks easily and cost-efficiently to meet present and future networking needs.
  10. Monitor on-site security through advanced Meraki surveillance cameras.
  11. Find problem points like offline devices, exceeded bandwidth limits, and inaccessible networks quickly through the Meraki Dashboard.
  12. Troubleshoot networks, update devices, and automate upgrades across multiple locations.
  13. Reduce downtimes and their negative impact on your bottom line.
  14. Ensure seamless network onboarding and provisioning for new users or brand-new Meraki appliances.
  15. Perform all of the above remotely (non-contact provisioning, troubleshooting, etc.)

These are just the tip of the iceberg where the benefits of Meraki devices and networks are concerned. While impressive on their own, the collective advantages of a Meraki network make it more worthwhile.

Every Cisco Meraki appliance and update brings a new wave of Cisco Meraki advantages for businesses. For example, suppose your customers expect strong WiFi service on your premises. Meraki has the hardware and tools you can use to ensure a strong signal is available to everyone on your business premises. 

Another scenario is if you need to improve network security after discovering a hacking attempt, Cisco Meraki’s firewalls can provide an extra layer of protection, and security specialists can use the network’s centralized management format to ensure users follow security SOPs (i.e., deploy firmware upgrades on time, update hardware and software licenses before they expire, restrict access to harmful sites and applications, and manage endpoint security SOPs).

You can read more about the benefits of Cisco Meraki firewalls for security and Meraki aggregation switches for creating cloud-based networks on our site.

Benefits of Meraki Networks

Cisco Meraki benefits businesses of all sizes, thanks to their groundbreaking cloud networking solutions that they continue to improve to keep up with evolving market demands. Whether you are a small business with less than 50 employees or a large company of over 500, Meraki’s scalable and flexible solutions can serve you well. 

Here are the benefits of Cisco Meraki devices and networks you can look forward to:

1.) Centralized and unified IT administration – Many Cisco Meraki advantages stem from this benefit alone. Cisco Meraki networks are centralized, meaning administrators can monitor and manage them from one place. As such, organizations can:

  • Cut down overhead costs as IT management can be handled by a few people.
  • Save money on travel as administrators can manage and monitor networks, users, and devices remotely from another city, state, or country.
  • Save time on network management, thanks to the Meraki Dashboard’s feature that reveals problematic devices, users, and networks at once. Administrators can quickly determine the order of priority and delegate troubleshooting if necessary.
  • Ensure quick deployment of business-critical applications, SOPs, or security protocols.
  • Install new Meraki devices quickly to support sudden increases in network demand.

2.) Real-time visibility and analytics – Real-time monitoring is essential for detecting and promptly solving issues before they escalate. It’s crucial for security because a proactive approach will protect your network and business better than merely being reactive to events. Additionally, administrators can closely monitor network health and security through the Meraki Dashboard with minimal effort. 

3.) Flexible and scalable – One of the strongest qualities of Meraki that makes it the standard for cloud-based network solutions is how easy it is to scale a network and add, remove, and manage its users, applications, appliances, etc. Administrators can expand a network as needed, providing infrastructure to support growth. Since the network is cloud-based, organizations can do so without spending so much on hardware and installation.

4.) Advanced security – Besides its firewalls, Meraki regularly upgrades firmware for all its appliances (except for the discontinued models). These upgrades often include improved security features in response to the fast-evolving threats online. And since Meraki enables non-contact provisioning, administrators can immediately upgrade connected devices remotely. Additionally, administrators can deploy network policies (also known as global policies) that would automatically apply to all registered users and devices.

Experience Cisco Meraki Benefits with Stratus Information Systems

Simple yet robust, scalable, and cost-effective – these benefits of Meraki naturally follow when you invest in cloud networking solutions to improve your organization’s efficiency, output, and overall performance. 

Stratus Information Systems, an authorized Meraki Partner, can help your business transition to cloud networking or improve your existing infrastructure with Meraki’s standards-defining appliances and services. Consult our cloud network specialists; when you’re ready, we can help you deploy small- or large-scale cloud networks as needed.

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