Spotlight on the Latest Meraki Products

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July 14, 2023

Cisco Meraki is a trusted name in cloud-managed networking platforms for businesses and enterprises of all sizes. One of its biggest strengths is it allows organizations to manage all their Meraki network devices on a single platform. The web-based Meraki dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly, giving administrators absolute control and network-wide visibility.

Cisco Meraki benefits many enterprises, campuses, offices, and business establishments. Its product catalog has seven main categories: 

  1. Switching (Meraki MS Switches)
  2. Wireless LAN (Meraki MR)
  3. Mobile Device Management (Meraki SM)
  4. Security and SD-WAN (Meraki MX)
  5. Smart Cameras (Meraki MV)
  6. Sensors (Meraki MT)
  7. Cellular (Meraki MG)

Cisco Meraki continuously develops new technologies to improve its products and services. As such, the company often rolls out new additions to its already impressive product portfolio. 

Here are three new Meraki products to consider adding to your wireless network solutions:

1. MT14 Air Sensor

Most people know Meraki for its wireless access points and switching hardware, but the company’s catalog actually extends to any device with IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities. 

Meraki is committed to giving businesses tools to create a smart environment conducive to productivity and supports workers’ health, safety, and well-being. As such, you’ll find Meraki in smart offices that automate environmental controls. 

The MT14 is Cisco Meraki’s latest offering to the smart office market. 

The MT14 is an air quality sensor that connects seamlessly with a Meraki smart home system. It monitors the following:

  • Indoor humidity
  • Total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs are organic chemicals that turn to gas at room temperature; examples are formaldehyde, methylene chloride, benzene, and tetrachloroethylene)  
  • Fine particulate matter (PM2.5 measures the amount of tiny particles that pollute the air)

The MT14 air quality sensor analyzes indoor air quality, helping office administrators create a comfortable and safe environment for their employees.

2. MT30 Smart Automation Button 

A physical button that deploys commands to multiple areas in an office or network (i.e., a school campus, hospital, etc.) with just one push, the MT30 Cloud-Managed Smart Automation Button is a tool that helps merge physical and digital spaces. It pairs with the Automation Builder and can be configured through the Meraki dashboard. 

Users can create workflows on the Automation Builder to automate tasks without requiring people to be at their desks or log into the Meraki dashboard on their phones to deploy a task. You can configure the smart button to turn off the WIFI, adjust the indoor lighting to a preconfigured setting (i.e., low-light for daytime and full-blast for nighttime), or alert store staff when customers are waiting for assistance.  

Sometimes it’s just better to get things done by pushing an old-school button, and you can do that with the MT30.

3. MV93 Cloud-Managed Smart Camera

We are now in the third generation of the Meraki MV smart cameras, and the MV93 is the latest offering. It is a 360-degree, fisheye outdoor camera with the best physical security technology and advanced analytics capabilities. 

The MV93 smart camera is packed with 1TB onboard storage and a 12.5MP sensor that records videos at 2880 x 2880 resolution. Its 360-degree  field of view (FoV) can give security personnel an excellent view of the physical surroundings and heighten their situational awareness over a large area. It also has a microphone with an external hardware switch, so it can also capture audio recordings.

Security staff can view live footage and review historical records. They can export and download video clips and share them through a link. Security personnel won’t have to wade through hours of inconsequential footage because the MV94 has excellent vehicle and person detection sensors, plus motion analytics. It lets users quickly find footage with qualified motion events, like people and cars appearing in the frame. 

Build A Cloud-Managed Network To Improve Your Way of Business

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest Cisco Meraki products. For more information on maximizing new Meraki products and integrating them into your office or facility, contact Stratus Information Systems. We are a Cisco Meraki Channel Partner offering project consulting, logistics, and network services. 

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