Why Use a Meraki Reseller?

meraki reseller
January 22, 2021
It’s simple: using a Meraki reseller enables your company to utilize secure and scalable networks that can be managed from anywhere. Cisco Meraki is the gold standard for cloud-managed network needs, including increased security and mobile use. A Meraki reseller makes achieving this level of technology simpler, with streamlined product acquisition, expert deployment strategies and ongoing support, and competitive pricing.

Reliability Through Cisco

Cisco has built a legacy of reliability, security, and innovation. The Meraki product line upholds those tenets and introduces simple and smart wireless infrastructure. Meraki products help businesses—from college campuses to smart manufacturing plants, deliver next-generation WiFi, resolve growing demands on data, and protect both users and their devices.

Resellers like Stratus help deploy the power of Meraki solutions within a unique IT ecosystem that works for your business.

Resellers Simplify

Companies save time and resources on IT management with the Meraki network environment. Before you decide to change your current technology infrastructure, it helps to work with an expert to create a personalized suite of tech and applications that will work for your business.

Meraki products are built for scale, making them perfect for small to midsize businesses as well as global enterprises. Make sure your reseller is, too. An IT reseller should be able to step in and assist wherever they are needed.

A quality reseller doesn’t “just” sell Meraki products; they partner with their clients every step of the way to ensure optimal network infrastructure is achieved and all business needs are met. That starts way before any hardware is ordered. For example, our project consultants specialize in designing networks customized to your business needs. We identify your known (and unknown) IT challenges, then create a blueprint for optimal network deployment.

Your IT department is already under water, managing the day-to-day issues of enterprise network administration. A reseller should be able to not only map out your new network configuration and deployment, but serve as project managers throughout the switch. We make sure our clients experience minimal disruption or friction by handling many portions of the deployment.

A Meraki Reseller Provides Support & Guidance

Cisco is known for its ongoing support and service, and a qualified reseller adds to that value through their own ongoing support offerings. At Stratus, we offer ongoing network management and network education sessions, so our clients can move forward with their business confident that their network can handle the workload without issue. And if something does go wrong, we’re there to troubleshoot.

Through Meraki, you have access to a substantial knowledge base, professional expertise, and an extensive network of experts to help you navigate the challenges of your network infrastructure, and the right service provider can make sure you are pointed in the right direction.

Migrating your network to Meraki enhances security, improves productivity, and delivers a superior user experience for your employees, clients, guests, students, etc. Working with a reseller like Stratus to design, manage, and maintain that migration ensures you have the best possible network infrastructure and a dedicated partner in your success.


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