Meraki Product Spotlight: How the MS390 Compares to the MS Switch Family

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December 2, 2019

Cisco Meraki continues to advance its portfolio of MS Series of switches with more speed and functionality. The new Meraki MS390 stands out with the most powerful switching hardware combined with the simplicity of the Meraki dashboard.

Depending on the size of your network and your needs in areas such as speed and stacking capabilities, the Meraki MS390 with its advanced performance, security features, and overall resiliency may be the right device for your organization.

Built for High Performance

While the Meraki MS390 remains as easy to manage through the Meraki dashboard as other devices within the MS Switch family, the Meraki MS390 provides the complex capabilities needed at high-performance campuses and branches.

In order to deliver top-quality service in demanding environments with bandwidth-heavy applications and Meraki WiFi 6 enabled access points, MS390 features include:

– Multigigabit ports
– 480G stacking
– Modular 10/40G uplinks
– Adaptive Policy provides scalable security
– Fast stack convergence and StackPower deliver resiliency
– Options for 24 or 48 ports

MS390 is the only access switch within the MS Series that offers modular rather than fixed uplinks, and it has the greatest capabilities in terms of physical stacking bandwidth, while also supporting virtual stacking.

Secure and Resilient

The Meraki MS390 switch also stands out from other MS Series switches for its easy-to-use yet advanced security features and overall resiliency. The device includes Cisco’s new Adaptive Policy feature, which helps make networks more scalable without compromising security. Adaptive Policy works by allowing administrators to set up security groups within the Meraki dashboard and then segment traffic based on intent rather than IP-based Access Control Lists, which helps make security policies easier to implement and more dynamic.

Meraki MS390 can also leverage StackPower cables for pooling and distributing power across stacked
switches, which can save money through more efficient power distribution while providing additional redundancy. With these security and power capabilities in place, businesses can gain more confidence in the resiliency of their networks.

Determine Which Switch Is Right for Your Business 

Determining which switch works best for your business can be difficult to decipher, but working with a trusted partner like Stratus can help you make sense of these devices. Stratus has deep experience and expertise across the Cisco Meraki suite and can provide you with the guidance and ongoing support needed to get the most out of whichever model within the MS switch family best suits your needs.

Learn more about the differences between Meraki products in our comparison guides so you can get a better sense of what works for your organization.