Meraki Brings Cloud Simplicity to LTE Cellular Gateways

December 11, 2019

Whether you’re looking to add cellular connectivity to your network infrastructure as a primary or failover solution, the new Cisco Meraki MG21 LTE cellular gateway provides a sleek, secure solution that can be easily managed in the cloud.

Businesses of all sizes can increase their connectivity capabilities with the Cisco Meraki MG21 LTE cellular gateway. Some of the key benefits include an increase in cellular data coverage to your network while being able to utilize zero-touch provisioning.  You can view cellular information (MEI, ICCID, APN, RSRP, RSRQ) and troubleshoot remotely.

To date, Cisco notes that over half a million customers around the world leverage this powerful solution, with organizations able to use the scalable gateway in anywhere from one office to thousands of locations.

Unleash the Power of the Cisco Meraki MG21 LTE Cellular Gateway

The Cisco Meraki MG21 LTE cellular gateway is a CAT6 modem that features integrated antennas and supports speeds of up to 300Mbps. That technology, combined with its multi-surface mounting capabilities for both indoor and outdoor environments, means that your business can gain strong, fast connections, so you don’t have to worry about weak cellular reception in network closets.  It can even withstand harsh weather conditions with its IP67 rating indicating its water and dust resistance.

One of the best parts of the new MG21 LTE gateways is its seamless integration with the Meraki MX series. Simply connect the MG21 to any MX router/firewall and enjoy the benefit of having your LTE modem and firewall managed from the same easy to use cloud dashboard.

Manage the Cisco Meraki MG21 LTE Cellular Gateway With Ease

For being such a fast, reliable cellular modem, the MG21 LTE cellular gateway is incredibly easy to manage. The device can be deployed with zero-touch provisioning, making it easy to implement and scale according to your needs.

From there, you can easily manage the device through a centralized cloud dashboard that you can connect to the rest of your Cisco Meraki portfolio. Plus, Cisco notes that the MG cellular gateway series has the highest API coverage of any product the company has ever launched, which helps make the devices easy to configure, even if you have large deployments.

You can also troubleshoot the gateway remotely and receive automatic firmware updates, thereby helping to keep your network safe and running consistently.

Learn More About Upgrading Your Connectivity

Reliable internet access is critical for businesses that count on wireless connectivity. To learn more about the MG21 LTE cellular gateway and all of the Meraki products, explore our comparison guide where you can find all the information you need in one convenient location.

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