How to Get a Free Meraki License for One Year

December 4, 2019

Cisco Meraki brings advanced security features and industry-leading network speeds, all managed from a centralized web-interface called the Meraki Dashboard. This cloud networking solution allows admins to deliver enterprise-grade performance to their network, with the ability to troubleshoot and oversee their network from anywhere.

Businesses need to purchase a cloud license for each device in order for the hardware to properly function, yet sometimes the upfront costs of these devices and software licenses can be difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to absorb. To help mitigate these expenses and stretch your budget even further, for a limited time Cisco is offering both new and existing customers an opportunity to gain a free Meraki license for one year.

The Details

To obtain your free Meraki license, simply buy three or more years of licensing for a new device to then get one free, thereby helping you lower the total cost of ownership for your IT infrastructure. The offer runs from October 1, 2019–July 25, 2020, and the extra year of licensing will be added to your Meraki Dashboard after purchasing. The offer will also be applied retroactively for those who purchased an eligible license for a new device between July 28, 2019–October 1, 2019.

This offer does not apply to license renewals, but if you already have Cisco Meraki products, you can take advantage of this opportunity by adding a new device to your infrastructure, whether that’s new WiFi 6 enabled access points, advanced security cameras or even refreshing your end-of-sale Meraki gear to newer models. And if you’re a new customer, this could be a great time to optimize your network while getting more out of your budget with a free Meraki license.

Next Steps

As this offer lasts for a limited time and may require some initial consultation to find the best overall solution, it’s best to get the conversation started now.

A trusted partner like Stratus with deep experience across the Cisco Meraki suite can help you take advantage of this offer and optimize your network in a cost-effective way. If you already know what devices you need, you can request a quote now. Still shopping? Check out our comparison guides to help you choose the right products for your business so you can then take advantage of this great offer.