Faceoff: Meraki Enterprise vs. Advanced Licenses

April 13, 2022

Sports, film, and history all have something in common—faceoffs. Opponents standing eye-to-eye before fighting with all their might to win is a basic human instinct. 

Discussing famous faceoffs right now would be fun (Jaguar vs. Aston Martin in Great Britain, Alfred Borden vs. Robert Angier in The Prestige, or Napoleon Bonaparte vs. everyone else in The Battle of Waterloo). Unfortunately, you don’t have the time for that.

As a skilled, in-demand IT leader, you’ve got to get straight to the answer you came for, which is: Which license should you choose for your organization, Meraki Enterprise, Advanced Security, or Secure SD-WAN Plus? Today we’re focusing on a comparison of the first two of these options, so let’s get you the answer. 

Meraki Enterprise vs. Advanced Security Licenses: What Do They Have in Common?

You need to know the differences between Meraki Enterprise and Advanced security licenses. Stratus Information Systems is here to lay it all out for you on the field, stage, or battleground. 

Before we look at each of these separately, here’s a review of what they both have in common

Meraki Enterprise and Advanced Security licenses each:

  • Must be active to use a Meraki appliance.
  • Offer centralized management through Meraki’s dashboard.
  • Feature true zero-touch provisioning.
  • Include basic site-to-site and client VPN.
  • Have IP-based local breakout
  • Have automatic failover of:
    • WAN
    • MPLS-to-VPN
    • Uplink load balancing
    • 3G/4G cellular
  • Use open APIs.
  • Route based on:
    • VLAN-to-VLAN
    • Traffic shaping
    • Prioritization
    • Source-based
  • Utilize sub-second dynamic path selection.
  • Share configuration templates.
  • Use group policies.
  • Use automatic updates to account for upgraded firmware, shifting policies, and evolving threat intel.
  • Are sold in one-, three-, or five-year terms as a suite attached to the MX Series firewalls.
  • Give 24/7 support.

View Meraki Features by License Option, which also covers Secure SD-WAN Plus.

Meraki Enterprise License Specs

For a basic, large-scale wireless network, a Meraki Enterprise Security License offers outstanding features and unparalleled protection from direct intrusion. Plus, the price is right at about half the cost of an Advanced Security License.

What Is Included in a Meraki Enterprise License

The standard features included in an Enterprise license are:

  • Stateful inspection firewall.
  • VPN capabilities.
  • Custom splash pages.
  • HTML caching.
  • Centralized management.

Meraki Advanced Security License Specs

Even though the cost of an Advanced Security License is about double that of an Enterprise license, don’t automatically disregard it. Because of the comprehensive range of included protections, the Advanced License is truly a worthy investment. 

Meraki’s Advanced Security License doesn’t only protect your network from direct attack, but from just about any electronic attack.

What Is Included in a Meraki Advanced Security License

Here are the many features included in an Advanced Security License:

  • Granular control over a network’s accessible content and web searches
  • IDS/IPS (detection and prevention of intrusion from unauthorized sources)
  • Threat alerts 
  • Integrated anti-virus and anti-phishing methods
  • Custom content and web search filtering
  • Google SafeSearch
  • Geography-based firewall rules
  • YouTube for Schools (preference-based blocking of inappropriate materials and websites)
  • AMP (Advanced Malware Protection)
  • Automatically updated policy application
  • Umbrella DNS and Threat Grid integration

Which Should You Choose When Comparing Meraki Enterprise vs. Advanced Licenses

We’ll make this as straightforward as possible. 

Choose a Meraki Enterprise Security Licence if all you require are:

  • A firewall.
  • Auto VPN.
  • Essential SD-WAN.
  • Secure connectivity.
  • Basic security.

Choose a Meraki Advanced Security Licence if you require:

  • All enterprise features plus UTM (Unified Threat Management) to provide multiple security functions at a single point in your network.

FAQs About Meraki Security Licenses

There are a few common questions we want to answer before you have to ask:

  • Do Meraki licenses come with a free trial? Yes.
  • Are MX licenses enforced? Yes, on a per-model basis.
  • Can my organization mix both license types? No.
  • Can I move from one license edition to another? Yes.

If you want detailed answers to these or any other Meraki Enterprise, Advanced Security, or Secure SD-WAN Plus License questions, please contact Stratus Information Systems directly and we can give you additional direct help.

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