Exploring the Benefits of Cisco Meraki’s Wireless Technology

December 15, 2023

Staying connected is now more critical than ever. People need Internet connectivity to attend online classes, do remote work, or check on what’s happening to their kids or pets at home via the home CCTV live stream. If you are a business owner serving customers who need Internet connectivity for these reasons, providing stable wireless Internet will give you an edge over your competitors, as customers will find your establishment more desirable.

This is just one example of how rewarding reliable wireless Internet services and hardware can be. Now that we’ve entered a new generation of Wi-Fi technology, organizations equipped to maximize the higher performance capabilities and faster throughput of Wi-Fi 6 will have the most to gain. 

How can you take advantage of the improvements Wi-Fi 6 offers and harness them to improve your business? First is to consult a Meraki partner; second, consider investing in Cisco wireless access point models, peripherals, and cloud-managed technology.

6 Benefits of Choosing Cisco Meraki Wireless Access Point Models

The wireless technology from Cisco Meraki is known worldwide for its reliability, scalability, and cost efficiency. As a pioneer in wireless technology, it is usually the first choice of organizations that are building cloud-managed networks from the ground up or upgrading existing hardware and software to have a more modern setup. 

Why do companies prefer Meraki wireless access point models over competitors? Here are six excellent reasons why. 

Easy to streamline with Meraki Cloud Management.

One of the best qualities of Cisco Meraki wireless technology is that it is centralized and managed via a single cloud management platform. When working with Cisco wireless access point models, there’s no need to manually configure every device or manage a separate dashboard for every appliance type. Everything is visible and manageable through the Meraki Dashboard, which has a user-friendly interface with which IT teams can quickly become familiar.

Administrators can set device configurations on-site and off-site through the dashboard. They can set permissions for different user classifications, restrict access to specific individuals or access points, and automate operations like data collection and patch updates. You can control your wireless infrastructure via Cisco Meraki mobile device management, from computer devices to security and surveillance cameras

Scalable and cost-effective.

With Cisco Meraki wireless access point models in place, it becomes easier to scale wireless Internet access according to your needs. The access points (APs) can accommodate any number of devices and users while preserving connection quality and integrity. IT admins can easily add new access points to expand wireless coverage whenever necessary. There’s no need to purchase additional appliances for temporary high usage, such as when hosting a one-day event with hundreds of attendees needing wireless Internet access the entire time. The best part is that Cisco Meraki mobile device management gives you control over multiple networks, making it easy to scale up as your business grows. 

Offers enhanced network security.

Cisco Meraki wireless networks and devices have comprehensive security features designed to protect networks from new and ever-evolving cyber threats. For example, the Meraki MR (WLAN APs) and Meraki MX (enterprise security and SD-WAN) appliances have a Layer 3 and Layer 7 firewall processing order, which screens inbound and outbound traffic. Moreover, Meraki’s latest Wi-Fi 6 capable appliances possess the latest security protocols, offering top-level protection for your business data and ensuring a smooth and secure online experience for your employees and customers.

Ensures a smooth and stable connection.

Cisco Meraki is designed to maintain optimum connectivity performance even in high-density wireless environments. One of the ways it does this is by utilizing radio frequency (RF). The Auto RF feature is a powerful, automated system that instantly adapts to challenging interference conditions (such as when an influx of users converges in a serviced area or if the primary Internet service provider is experiencing downtime). Technicians won’t have to scramble to manually tune wireless parameters to keep all users serviced with a strong and stable connection.

Boosts productivity and performance.

Given the benefits discussed, company employees linked to Cisco Meraki-supported wireless services can enjoy smooth and fast Internet access with little to zero lag and downtime. They can work without disruption or delay due to slow or frequently broken Internet connections. For businesses that provide Wi-Fi access to customers, maintaining a robust Wi-Fi service enhances their experience with the establishment and gives them more reasons to return. Meraki wireless technology, therefore, can help boost a business’s marketing efforts.

Offers accurate analytics and insights.

The Cisco Meraki cloud management platform offers real-time analytics and stores historical data, giving IT teams a clear picture of your network performance, user behavior, and whether cloud and wireless resources are utilized well. You can extract comprehensive and detailed statistics on usage and assemble reports about user engagement, productivity, efficiency, and other important matters. Companies can use these data to assess their current status, make accurate forecasts, and enable top officials to make informed business decisions. 

The benefits of using Cisco Meraki wireless technology are extensive. There’s more your business can enjoy that is unique to your situation. The best part is your Meraki partner and consultant can help design a wireless solution that will satisfy all your business needs, making all the accompanying perks all the more satisfying.

Leverage Cisco Meraki Wireless Technology to Grow Your Business

If the goal for your business is to go digital and utilize cloud infrastructure to streamline processes and boost productivity, Cisco Meraki’s wireless solutions will be a worthwhile investment. With the help of a certified Meraki partner, you can acquire the appliances that can provide for your needs and establish a secure wireless network exclusively for your business enterprise. Stratus Information Systems, a certified Cisco Meraki channel partner, can provide assistance and valuable insights from knowledgeable Cisco Meraki specialists.

Contact us today for more information on Meraki wireless solutions and other services. You may also request a free trial to see if the Meraki environment is best suited for your operations.