Enterprise Networking 101

enterprise networking
February 16, 2021

Enterprise networking, simply put, is the physical and virtual structure of a network and how the various software, hardware, and protocols work together to connect users and share data. Every organization has varying needs when it comes to customizing its enterprise network. Today’s enterprises rely more on software-driven solutions to power intelligent network architecture, automation, and design.


What is Enterprise Networking?

As enterprise network architectures grow more complex, many organizations are finding it challenging to keep up. Thankfully, several networking solutions are available to simplify the process, like unified wired/wireless infrastructures, automated campus, and agile data center networking solutions

An enterprise network, as Cisco puts it: “denotes the IT infrastructure that midsize and large organizations use to provide connectivity among users, devices, and applications.” Anywhere where a network needs to interface with multiple constituent domains is a place that relies on some manner of enterprise networking architecture: integrated IoT, data centers or cloud hybrid solutions, and wide-area networks (WANs).

Most organizations need a customized networking solution that supports their workflow, production, employees, consumers, and logistics. Enterprise networking allows employees to easily collaborate remotely or on-site. Businesses can control and securely connect to applications with firewalls and improve productivity with private cloud orchestration. Enterprise networking delivers critical LAN and internet data to an entire organization, while providing IT managers with analytics, monitoring and security that optimizes operations.


The Foundations of Networking

Switches, routers, and wireless access points are the fundamental elements of an enterprise network. Through them, devices connected to a network can communicate with one another and other networks.

A switch connects computers, printers, and servers to a building or a campus network as a controller.

Routers connect multiple networks and connect the computers on those networks to the Internet. This device allows all networked computers to share a single Internet connection.

Access Points
An access point enables devices to connect to the wireless network without cables.

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Benefits of an Optimized Enterprise Network

A quality enterprise network provides the foundation of the modern digital enterprise. Networks need to improve security, enhance the experience of end users, and support the increasingly diverse set of devices that perform essential business tasks.

Always-on connectivity is non-negotiable for a digital enterprise, and an optimized network provides this for each user and device in a way that is appropriate for the given role, purpose, and location. As more businesses grow to embrace broad digital initiatives, a well-designed enterprise network becomes an essential element, allowing companies to expand, scale, grow, and introduce new services — the right enterprise network solution will also allow for seamless cloud integration and deployment.

Compared to ad hoc or less thorough networking solutions, a proper enterprise network is more secure, easier to manage, has better user experience, and is often faster, cheaper and more efficient.


Establishing Enterprise Networking Solutions

Modern companies need more advanced network architecture to stay competitive and manage an increasingly mobile and connected workforce. Keeping your workers, partners and customers digitally connected is essential for sustainable growth.

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