Comparison Guide: Aruba vs. Meraki Switches

Hand holding fiber optic cord with Ethernet cables and network switching hub.
March 16, 2022

Your business is scaling, and you need a network that can keep up with growing demands. You need a strong foundation on which to build new technologies to meet future business needs. You also need to cut the complexity and stop spending so much time troubleshooting. The time has come. 

A smart, fast way to build and manage your new or broadening networks starts with switches—but which should you choose? 

Our experts at Stratus Information Systems have put together this Aruba vs. Meraki switch comparison guide so you, as the captain of your IT enterprise, can deftly navigate your infinitely-expanding environment. 

The Pros and Cons of Aruba vs. Meraki Switches 

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Finding the right network products for your business’s situation and budget can be challenging, but don’t settle—you must provide a robust and reliable connection.

You’re fully capable of making the right choice between Aruba vs. Meraki switches, but we’re here to help cut out some of the time it takes to do the necessary research. Simply use this Aruba vs. Meraki comparison guide and confidently issue the command.

Aruba Switches

Aruba switches are a scalable, smart-managed solution for growing businesses with bandwidth-demanding applications. 


  • Easy configuration
  • Gentle learning curve
  • REST API capability
  • Supports virtualization technology
  • Provides high availability
  • All features are included in the initial license 
  • Includes a lifetime hardware warranty
  • Good value


  • Weak on orchestration and device management
  • Does not have a way to back up configuration (other than using an automation tool)
  • Doesn’t have backward compatibility with PVOS switches
  • Difficulty finding monitoring software with native support
  • Occasionally has issues with corrupt flash
  • Confusing switching portfolio

Meraki Switches

Cisco Meraki MS Series switches offer everything from copper edge switches to 100GB fiber aggregation switches with powerful OSFP dynamic routing.


  • Plug-and-play configuration (friendly warning messages saves bad config)
  • Extremely easy to deploy, saving loads of time
  • Very scalable—simple to add on
  • Allows a network admin without highly specialized knowledge to configure VPN mesh
  • Manageable from any device anywhere
  • Easily stackable (it’s all done for you in the Meraki Dashboard)
  • Most monitoring software is designed primarily for Meraki
  • Manages automation and mass changes with ease
  • Works with any firewall
  • Reports traffic type and bandwidth usage
  • Has alert capabilities
  • Includes an address from your admin VLAN’s DHCP scope, which you keep
  • Eases service desk training requirements
  • Reduces network troubleshooting time
  • Simplifies management of multiple switch ports at once
  • Empowers network issue solutions without immediate escalation
  • Has incredible customer service


  • Can’t configure everything down to a very granular level
  • Requires support licensing
  • Limiting when coming from command-line options
  • Not all advanced features are available
  • Can be burdensome with internet issues
  • Delay in reporting and debugging

How Meraki Switches Are Unique


After scanning this Aruba vs. Meraki switch comparison guide of pros and cons, it becomes clear that Aruba is a worthy opponent. However, Meraki manages to be light years ahead in several key sectors.


Meraki switches optimize performance while maintaining the highest levels of security. Protecting business assets is vital, so Cisco Meraki employs several security features to lock down ports and communications across the network.

  • 802.1x port-based network access control
  • MAC-based authentication
  • Port-by-port lock down access
  • Guest VLN
  • Rogue DHCP server detection
  • Port isolation

Support and Consulting Services

When you purchase Meraki switches from Stratus, you gain access to service features you can—but don’t want to—live without. 

Ensure you get optimal network performance when you consult with our specialists. Deploy your network with minimal interruption when you hire our project management team as your lieutenant. And receive ongoing network monitoring should you choose to delegate that task to our Certified Cisco engineers.

Where to Purchase Meraki Switches

When you’re ready to engage your enterprise network’s warp drive, shop for Meraki switches from Stratus Information Systems. 

If you’re not quite ready to make that commitment, here are your alternative actions:

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