Combining Cisco Umbrella with the New MR License for More Effective Security

January 31, 2020

Recently, Meraki introduced the ability to integrate Cisco Umbrella’s DNS-level security solution with Meraki access points (MR series products) under an Advanced or Upgrade license. With this integration, organizations can manage DNS security – including viewing blocked DNS events – directly from the Meraki dashboard. Learn more about how this integration grants users clear visibility and easy management of network security, starting at the DNS level.

How Cisco Umbrella Works

The Domain Name System (DNS) functions as the connective tissue between IP addresses and domain names. It’s at this fundamental level that DNS filtering works by comparing DNS requests with known malicious websites, denying access in the event of a match.

Take the classic phishing attack as an example. If an employee unknowingly clicks a malicious link in a phishing email, Cisco Umbrella can compare the URL, domain or IP address with known threats. If there is a match, it will prevent the user from downloading or activating malicious software.

DNS protection is designed in particular to detect and reject malware. Currently, 90% of cyberattacks are executed over DNS, and a full one-third of businesses don’t monitor DNS records.

90% of cyberattacks are executed over DNS, and a full one-third of businesses don’t monitor DNS records.”

Because malicious actors often repeat their attack methods, storing and recalling the information associated with these attacks is a powerful method of stopping them in their tracks.

In addition to its security applications, Umbrella can also function as a content filter, which can apply restrictions to specified websites or website categories.

Integrating with Meraki

Cisco Umbrella can now integrate with Meraki for businesses using MR access points on an Advanced or Upgrade license. This allows system administrators to pull in-depth reports on their DNS security directly from the Meraki dashboard, giving IT departments thorough records of network activity, including rejected access attempts.

Further, this capability extends to all devices connected to the network, including mobile, for a holistic view of all endpoint network activity at the DNS level.

Take Action and Protect Your Organization

The Meraki dashboard is a powerful method of displaying in-depth insights visually with user-friendly capabilities and a simple UI. Cisco Umbrella’s new ability to integrate with Meraki access points brings the simplicity to DNS-level security management.

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