Cisco Meraki New Products and Features: WiFi 6

Cisco Meraki WiFi 6
November 6, 2019

Having strong WiFi throughout your office is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. With the increasing number of devices connecting to your network and performance requirements on the rise, cloud computing is taking up significant bandwidth.

Employees and customers expect internet speed and reliability at all times. Cisco Meraki Wireless Access Points’ compatibility with WiFi 6 offers a seamless way to operate a smarter, safer WiFi network.

This article will cover the benefits of WiFi 6 and why you should consider adding Cisco Meraki WiFi-6 compatible devices to optimize your network.

The New Standard in WiFi

WiFi 6, the lay term for 802.11ax, is an emerging industry standard that simplifies and improves WiFi 5 (introduced in 2013). In particular, WiFi 6 enabled technology offers improvements such as greater capacity, faster speed and the ability to perform at a high level in areas with hundreds or even thousands of devices, such as stadiums or large office buildings. Cisco Meraki offers WiFi 6-compatible access points that take advantage of its higher performance and capacity parameters.

How Cisco Meraki Access Points Compatible with WiFi 6 Deliver Better Performance

Cisco Meraki WiFi 6

Through WiFi 6, Meraki access points like the MR45 and MR55 aim to “improve the average throughput per user by a factor of four in dense environments,” explains Cisco.

Even as your company grows and connects more endpoints to its network, you can expect faster speed, higher capacity, stronger connections and overall better performance with the use of Meraki WiFi 6 compatible devices.

Meraki WiFi 6 devices use technology such OFDMA, which comes from cellular standards and allows access points to package different types of traffic with different bandwidth requirements – whether it’s from IoT devices, regular internet browsing, streaming, etc. – sending them all at the same time for greater efficiency. This helps Meraki WiFi 6 devices accommodate multiple devices on one access point.

Another valuable feature of Meraki WiFi 6-compatible access points is that they can improve the battery life of your connected devices. By using “target wake time,” Meraki WiFi 6 access points work out more decisive wakeup times for communicating with mobile and IoT devices, which can improve battery life by 67%, notes Cisco.

The Future of Connectivity with Meraki WiFi 6 Devices

Companies looking to improve their network performance should strongly consider upgrading to Meraki WiFi 6 enabled access points. Even if you’re currently satisfied with the performance of your WiFi network, needs can quickly change as IoT, cloud computing and other areas continue to shape networking functionality and needs. Adding Meraki WiFi 6 compatible devices through Stratus can help you avoid performance issues before they ever become a problem.

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