Cisco Meraki New Products and Features: Meraki MV32

Cisco Meraki MV32
November 16, 2019

Whether your business needs security cameras to help prevent theft, provide a reliable record of visitors or to more generally help ensure the overall safety of your stores or offices, you need cameras that you can trust. That includes being able to record quality video with wide fields of view as well as being able to easily access and manage recordings.

For indoor environments, one of the best devices on the market that meets these requirements is the new Meraki MV32 Security Camera. Meraki MV32 is an indoor fisheye camera that’s part of the Cisco Meraki suite, which means you can easily manage the device in the cloud and access advanced analytics, similar to what you can expect with other Meraki cameras and devices.

Moreover, the Meraki MV32 security camera stands out for its unique design and high-powered recording capabilities.

The Meraki MV32’s Top-Quality Hardware

Security cameras shouldn’t be too obtrusive, and the Meraki MV32’s sleek design helps avoid this problem. In addition to its compact design, the camera packs in 180-degree fields of view both horizontally and vertically. The Meraki MV32 camera is also easy to install and compatible with a low voltage power adapter, and you can add a wall mount arm.

Once it’s up and running, the picture quality is top-notch at up to 2058 x 2058 resolution, and it has a built-in microphone for audio recording. The Meraki MV32 camera also has 256GB of integrated high-endurance solid state storage, so even if its connection to your network fails, it can still store recordings.

Easy to Manage in the Cloud

Cisco Meraki MV32

In addition to looking great and having strong recording capabilities, the Meraki MV32 camera is incredibly easy to manage in the cloud, whether you have one camera or thousands. Not only can you view the recordings in the cloud, but you can also pan, tilt and zoom the camera in live or historical feeds. You can also easily manage recordings by exporting clips to a shareable link or downloading them.

The Meraki MV32 camera’s advanced analytics capabilities also mean that it can recognize objects and provide insights in areas such as customer traffic, without needing to add complex software or bulky hardware. That means that in addition to the Meraki MV32 camera adding to your security capabilities, it can also help inform employee- and customer-related decisions.

Upgrade Your Recording Capabilities with Meraki MV32

As these features indicate, the Meraki MV32 camera goes beyond the capabilities of standard security cameras. Not only do they look great and record with a wide vision, they’re also easy to use and gain insights from.

Similar to how the Meraki MV32 is more than a security device, a Meraki purchase through Stratus is more than a transaction. Stratus has years of in-depth experience with Cisco Meraki products and offers ongoing advisory and support with every purchase. Our close partnership with Cisco Meraki allows us to get you what you want at the prices you need – fast.

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