4 Benefits of Using an Authorized Meraki Partner

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August 17, 2022

In July 2022, a CEO was arrested for selling $1 billion in fake Cisco Meraki hardware across various marketplaces. After importing thousands of counterfeit networking devices, he sold them for a significant profit. Not only was this an injustice to Cisco’s reputation and integrity, but it also posed a considerable threat and liability to those that purchased the illegitimate products. 

When an organization purchases fraudulent Meraki hardware, they open their networks to a host of unnecessary and dangerous risks. The best case scenario is if the devices simply fail or are immediately defective. At worst, they malfunction in ways that substantially damage the users’ networks and operations, costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair. 

Luckily, there’s no need to purchase Cisco Meraki products from unreliable suppliers. You can purchase from an authorized Meraki partner to ensure your devices are secure. Selecting the right Meraki reseller for you involves thoughtful research, but one thing is for sure: Purchasing through an authorized Meraki dealer is a must. 

4 Reasons to Work with a Certified Cisco Meraki Reseller

If you’ve decided to invest in Cisco Meraki products, ensure you’re working with a trusted partner and reseller. Your company’s network isn’t something you want to gamble with. Stratus Information Services is a reliable and authoritative Cisco Meraki partner. Reach out to us today to discover more about how we can help your organization’s network security. 

Here are four reasons to work with licensed Cisco Meraki partners.

1. Access to Meraki Expert Product Support

One of the top reasons to work with authorized Cisco Meraki partners is their expert product support. If you purchase these products from a non-authorized source, they won’t be covered under Meraki’s top-notch service. 

You can access Meraki’s stellar support team through various channels such as phone, on-demand, or online communication. When you license Cisco Meraki products, you receive tools and resources from initial deployment to network growth. The value of this proposition is immense. Opting for an authorized partner gives you the best chance of accessing advanced assistance, which can help improve:

  • Efficiency in network operations
  • Training for employees on new protocols and systems
  • Identification of potential problem areas
  • Systems for your IT department 

Considering Meraki products are a substantial investment, in terms of both the initial cost and the total cost of ownership, they’re built to last a long time. Throughout the years, you’ll find their extensive support system increasingly valuable.

2. Quality Products That Don’t Cut Corners

You have a wide range of technical support experts to choose from. Meraki products are best-in-class options for organizations that take themselves and their networks seriously. When you purchase Cisco Meraki products through a certified partner, you’re guaranteed quality hardware that operates at peak efficiency.

A company’s network is a viable, essential component of its operations. Handing over the security of that asset to unreliable parties can have detrimental consequences. For good reason, organizations have entrusted Cisco Meraki products to handle their sensitive information and crucial pieces of data. 

Here’s why you’ll want to preserve the quality and integrity of your Meraki hardware:

  • Be a part of the future of cloud computing and cloud-based security options.
  • Work with industry experts and leaders to create the next generation of security solutions.
  • Benefit from the most advanced and secure networking hardware on the market.
  • Leverage total control of your device and network settings.
  • Enjoy the ease of Meraki’s dashboard interface.

Certified Meraki resellers can ensure proper licensure, allowing you to determine the product’s quality and overall reputation. For the full extent of Meraki’s quality offerings, including hardware and software, trust a certified Meraki dealer.

3. Specialization Options

As we touched on previously, investing in Cisco Meraki products means investing in the best. For small businesses and global enterprises alike, the security Meraki offers a company’s network is unparalleled. Getting industry-leading products and services translates to a desire for high ROI.

That’s where Meraki’s specialization options come in. 

If you opt for the best Cisco Meraki dealer, you’ll find one with experts across specializations. Those might include (but aren’t limited to): 

  • Wireless LANs
  • Architecture
  • System security

These unique areas of specialization require certifications, so you know you’re going with experts in the industry. For clients who need supplementary support in a specific area of network security, partnering with a trusted reseller can make a massive difference in operational efficiency.

4. Ensured Network and Company Security

Companies both large and small transmit sensitive, crucial data over their network, making adequate protection essential. As businesses scale, it’s increasingly important to have a security system that can accommodate growth. 

Cisco Meraki hardware features the following network security benefits:

  • Layer 7 traffic classification and control. The Cisco Meraki proprietary packet processing engine examines network traffic up to (and including) layer 7. This sophisticated fingerprinting allows the hardware to identify users, content, and applications on the network.
  • Intrusion detection engine. The hardware features an integrated intrusion detection and prevention engine. This combination of signature, protocol, and anomaly-based analyzing methods makes for ironclad security.
  • Identity-based and device-aware security. Having device-aware controls allows administrators to verify the appropriate level of network access for every class of device. The powerful category-based content filter is also specific to each class.

Purchasing your hardware from an authorized reseller ensures you’re getting proper security and protection. If you decide to buy Meraki products from unverified sources, you’re risking the security and integrity of your network. You can’t be sure Meraki products from unauthorized resellers aren’t counterfeit or stolen, which could be an expensive liability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions about investing in Cisco Meraki products.

What Is a Meraki Partner?

A Meraki partner is a certified reseller of their products. They also offer training, resources, implementation assistance, and ongoing support for their customers. Using a Meraki partner means taking advantage of their knowledge and expertise to get your network secured faster and more efficiently. 

What Companies Use Meraki?

While Meraki hardware does come at a premium, businesses small and large opt to use these devices because they offer best-in-class security for their networks. Companies use Meraki products to access enterprise-grade wireless access points, switches, firewalls, and more.

Does Meraki Sell Direct?

Meraki does not sell direct. Instead, they partner with premier organizations to provide you with the best experience and service possible.

Who Owns Meraki?

Cisco’s Cloud Networking Group owns Meraki. 

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