Cisco Meraki MDM Series Comparison Guide

Cisco Meraki Mobile Device Management



Cisco Meraki’s Mobile Device Management allows system administrators to secure their network and control endpoint activity to prevent abuse and breaches. Meraki’s endpoint management is rule-based, allowing for automation and easy changes. Here are some tips for using MDM to improve company efficiency and network stability.

I am a business owner that employs millennials. How can I prevent abuse of their work devices without hampering productivity and creativity?

With MDM, you can block access to certain websites and restrict hours of network usage. This allows you to control endpoint activity without blocking their access to work-essential material.

Is there a limit to the information I have access to on managed devices?

Yes. MDM allows for device monitoring; however, it still respects user privacy. It does not grant full view of a user’s personal network-connected device.

How much control do I have with MDM?

With MDM, you can design and assign policies base on device type, user or group. Policy rules include restricting access to specific websites, types of applications, networks, information and more. They are easy to set-up and apply, making adding new users or endpoints quick and seamless.


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